Former youth pastor, bouncer, janitor, auto tech, philosophy student (yup, graduated and everything), now just a guy who likes to talk about politics, philosophy, theology, culture, technology and, you know, stuff. And junk.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the poke, I’ve been getting down on myself for my lack of production lately, nice to be reminded that the odd person reads this thing from time to time. In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve been let go from my job, and the last few weeks have been pretty full of trying to find a new job, so my ability to think about anything to write about has suffered. The Montreal protests would definitely be a good topic to get back on the horse with, I’ll see about working something up in the next few days.

  2. Hey you! Jim said he had a chat with you earlier today and that you had found a job. Congrats (belatedly)! I saw your journal in RvB after Newtown happened. That hit very close to home for me. We live about 20 minutes from there, but all the years I was with Eric, I lived in Monroe, the town next to Newtown (and where the elem. kids are going to school — Monroe had a school that had closed). One of our friends was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elem. but luckily had gotten a job at another school a year or two earlier. The principal that was killed used to be the principal of the (only) elementary school in the town where Jim and I now live and one of the teachers who got killed lived here in our town, just a stone’s throw from our apt (though we didn’t know her or her family). It was just unbelievable to me because I used to do a lot of my errands, shopping, etc. in Newtown so every time they would show someplace on TV, I knew right where it was. Just so awful. I wonder if that community will ever recover.

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